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Comsis University is an education program which provides support to introducing leading edge wireless technologies to both students and seasoned professionals.

To students and academic organizations, the support includes hardware, software, and course material. Hardware support is in the form of high-quality yet low-cost platforms which are provided at a price as close to the manufacturing cost as possible to mitigate the expense of equiping teaching and research laboratories. Software support consists in free IPs, embedded software and development software. Course material includes lectures, hands-on lab exercises and tutorials for use during classes or during the students' own time.

Comsis University also sponsors design contests for students around the world. These contests encourage the implementation of creative ideas on real-world physical hardware.

Telecom professionals can benefit from Comsis University as well, when they need an update on the latest wireless technologies, implementations, and related applications. Training sessions can be organized on-site.

Typical training topics include:

  • Core technologies: modulation, OFDM, MIMO, beamforming
  • WLAN standards, especially the IEEE802.11 series
  • Embedded systems for Telecom, including the hardware, software and IP components
  • VHDL techniques for Telecom applications
The specific content of a course is usually discussed ahead of time to take any requirement into account.
Dedicated training programs with a focus on highly specialized subjects can also be designed on-demand.
For more information about Comsis University, please contact us at contact@comsis.fr .


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