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The Multi-Vector platform developed by Comsis is a rapid development system which targets the evaluation, development and field deployment of extensively networked applications  operating in an automotive environment.

Packed with a number of wireless interfaces and a significant processing capability, the platform is  a typical incarnation of  the «digital convergence» applied to automotice applications. It aggregates multiple information streams from other vehicles, from the road-side infrastructure or from the Internet, and provides new services : advanced driver assistance under normal or alert conditions, location-based services, back-seat entertainment…

Three major feature sets make the Multi-Vector Telecom Platform for Automotive Applications outstanding:

  • Automotive-specific features, like the IEEE802.11p V2X communications, GPS positionning and CAN networking.
  • Internet connectivity is made possible and easy by coupling the 3G+/LTE interface to the Wi-Fi access point, turning the vehicle into a mobile hotspot. Location-based services are accessible thanks to the GPS location.
  • Multiple media sources (DAB, DVB-T, Blu-ray, locally stored audio/video files, internet streaming) converge to the embedded media center and ensure Back-Seat Entertainment.



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