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The MimoKit II platform targets the evaluation, development and field deployment of extensively networked applications that require wireless connectivity. Based on a high-end Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), the MimoKit II permits the implementation of extremely complex digital processing blocks, such as those found in modern multi-antenna wireless LAN systems. In addition to a huge gate capacity, the platform carries a complete CPU subsystem in the Qseven form factor. This CPU module provides embedded processing capability in excess of 1 Gips and can run popular operating systems.

One major advantage of the MimoKit II platform is the presence of a MIMO-capable analog front-end, and up to four independent radio arms. The MimoKit II platform ships with two radio modules operating in the 5 GHz ISM band. Additional modules can be purchased separately. Other modules will be developed to cover different applications.

The extreme flexibility and expandability of the MimoKit II platform make it an ideal vehicle for multi-vector wireless applications, including Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi derivatives, 3G+/4G, 802.11p, GPS, DVB, etc.



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