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IP 802.11ah

The strategic interests and rapid go to market of the IoT industry players will be best served by immediate availability of 802.11.ah IP for  implementation on a chip and product development.

Comsis has developed a wide set of IPs (Patents, librairies, software codes, methods and process) for 802.11.ah for which the source code is silicon proven.

The IP is Hardware agnostic, already ported onto major FPGAs and microcontrollers.


Major advantages include

  • IP cost reduction and acceleration of porting, testing and integration,
  • PoCs demonstrator integrating all the elements of the digital channel and radio control (CAG, radio calibration) including DAC and ADC converters. The client can develop his prototype using the IPs on the silicon platforms of his choice,
  • SoC architecture oriented.


PHY Features

  • 1 MHz and 2 MHz channel width
  • Next to come 4,8 and 16 MHz
  • Detect and decode SIG-A field of the S1G_LONG preamble
  • Single spatial stream MCSs 0 to 7, and MCS10 (for 1 MHz PPDU only)
  • Binary convolutional coding
  • Normal Guard Interval TGI (8 us)
  • Fixed Pilots
  • MCS mode 0,…,7
  • Modulation: BPSK,…, 64QAM
  • Data Rates (Mbps): 0.65, …, 6.5
  • Processing clock: 8MHz


MAC features

  • PHY interfaces
  • Mandatory MAC including TXOP, RID, SST,
  • Next to come Optional MAC features:TWT, RAW