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The infrastructure of the Internet has been a wired thing since its inception. The programmed shutdown of analog television services in many countries opens new spectrum capacities with appealing propagation characteristics.

Comsis has engineered a number of building blocks and reference platforms that make the deployment of a wireless infrastructure possible, efficient, and cost-effective. They use for, Wi-Fi-derivative technologies to reach out over long distance hops and cover wide areas, making them an ideal vector in underserved areas, like rural regions and remote locations.

The White-Space Infrastructure benefits to all the actors involved in the Internet ecosystem :

  • Entire populations eventually have access to the biggest information resource in the world: the Internet has already changed the life of billions in the way they learn, work, and play. More people will benefit from it.
  • Telecom Operators and Content Providers turn these populations into new subscribers at a reasonable deployment cost and Total Cost of Ownership. New markets emerge, together with new revenues.
  • Governments have another tool to meet the commitments in their policies of Country Planning, Education, and information of the general public. Besides, the spillover effects of an increased activity generates new revenues, in the form of government fees and taxes.



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