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A Home Network once was a modem-centric object, connecting a telephone or cable outlet to a desktop computer. Cables in, cables out.

Today things are dramatically different. The modem now hosts tons of services: a wireless router, VoIP, digital television, mobile telephony, media center, and more. All the network terminals are expected to connect wirelessly, exerting an increaded pressure on the Wi-Fi protocols whose raw throughput has become huge.

Comsis technologies can play several roles in the home network.

The recourse to MIMO techniques not only increase the available wireless bandwidth. When correctly applied, they also ensure that the radio information finds its way to the receiver whatever the multipath conditions encountered in a typical indoor environment. The Quality of Service is taken care of at the physical level.

Moreover, Comsis has developed new medium access methods which eliminate the disastrous latency jitter in streaming applications. The combination of the MIMO techniques and the new medium access method make the wireless distribution of video and multimedia streams free of spikes, transients, and tiling effects.

The programmed shutdown of the analog television broadcast throughout the world has made a large spectrum available for other purposes. White-Fi is a Wi-Fi derivative designed for long-haul Internet distribution. The White-Fi solutions of Comsis cut the last cable of the Home Network: the Internet is received wirelessly by the roof-top antenna, even in remote or otherwise underserved locations.



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