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March 25, 2014 – Executive Summary

With the increased number of smart devices trying to access and communicate over the same wireless channel, more packet collisions occur leading to increased number of retransmissions. This phenomenon drastically impairs the network efficiency. Unfortunately the current Wi-Fi MAC protocol fails to address this issue properly and presents significant bottlenecks; the network resources are poorly managed and the utilized network capacity is far from being optimal. As a result, the wireless network suffers from Packet Drops, Energy Waste as well as Capacity Waste.

A better MAC mechanism is the key to overcome the issues plaguing wireless networks. Comsis, with its proven R&D background and in-depth knowledge of Wi-Fi networks, has developed and implemented a fresh MAC mechanism, namely QoS WiFi, which can boost the wireless network efficiency in terms of experienced QoS, number of supported services and energy consumption. QoS WiFi-powered networks enjoy collision-free data traffic and can exploit up to 90% of the network capacity. These networks can accommodate significantly more stations/services and also they cope better with the mixed services networks with respect to the standard counterparts. Along with its seamless integration in the Wi-Fi standard, QoS WiFi becomes a simple yet powerful mechanism toward efficient digital homes and big data networks.

Comsis’ QoS WiFi is fully compatible with the Wi-Fi standard and has been tested extensively by Orange to certify its benefits. It is our pleasure to partner with ”Digital Home” and ”Big Data” device providers to build the efficient networks addressing the requirements of today and tomorrow.