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Comsis is an historical leader in the development of wireless LAN technologies.  The core know-how of the company resides in the design and customization of OFDM-based wireless Intellectual Properties (IP), Integrated Circuits (IC), and systems. This includes the IEEE802.11 series of protocols and their derivatives.

The range of applications cover:

  • Home Network: triple- or quadruple-play internet access boxes, set-top boxes, Wi-Fi accessories with IEEE802.11n connectivity;
  • Video & Multimedia: set-top boxes, connected TVs, home theaters, video-surveillance, VoIP terminals; 
  • Automotive: IEEE802.11p-compliant on-board and road-side units;
  • Wireless infrastructure: long distance Wi-Fi stations, White-Space stations.

Most of the applications can be quickly and efficiently prototyped and field-tested on the MimoKit II platform.

Once the prototype is proven, Comsis offers professional services to conduct the optimization and industrialization towards a production-ready original product.


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